Liepos 23 d.

Problem Solving | Futurepreneurs

2018-02-14 15:00-17:00

Saulėtekio al. 22, LT-10225 Vilnius, Lithuania

Futurepreneurs workshops with Audronė Alijošiūtė!

Workshop #1 is focused on problem solving. Participants will design the  problem tree, analyse the effects and will try to come up with  sustainable solutions.

This event is mandatory (no registration  required) for participants of Futurepreneurs pre-acceleration program.  Good news is - we offer limited amount of free tickets for guests who  want to learn more about starting sustainable business.

Audronė Alijošiūtė currently works at Baltic Environmental Forum, Lithuania (  as Sustainability expert. She has been a sustainability consultant  since 1997, helping municipalities, communities, companies to have  develop their sustainability strategies, integrating sustainability into  their core activities and facilitating multi-stakeholder dialog. Prior  to this, she lecturers Sustainable business course at Vilnius University  and Kaunas University of Applied Sciences.

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